hide information inside a graphic

This project is one of two projects that were completed for the Digital Sizzle ArtHackathon, South Place Hotel, 26-28th July 2013. It's a response to the recent news about NSA's data snooping. An elegant way to secure important information off line.

By exploring the topic through our work we also extended the concept to include hiding messages for various purposes. For this project I made a quilt with a central graphic encrypting a personal secret.


For more information about this project, please use this link to visit our site and create your own cryptogram.


This project was created as one of two products during the Digital Sizzle 2013 ArtHackathon. It was conceived as an extension of the Screenlight Series. Allowing anyone to add their own image of people using a computer and only lit by their device light.

Please add your own image to the screenlight digital exhibition but tagging a portrait of someone lit by only a screen/device light in Instagram with #screenlight in the description setting. Use the link below to view the images that have already linked through the hashtag.